Frequently Asked Questions


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My dog isn't trained / my dog would never sit still for that.

I've heard this about eleventy billion times, seriously, it's a real number.  I've got tons of tricks, treats, and funny noises to help get your dogs attention, which I only need for about 1/1000th of a second.

Basic commands are helpful but not absolutely necessary.  The majority of dogs I photograph have no formal training.  If your dog is shy or afraid of the camera, we’ll spend some time getting him acclimated and comfortable.  My goal is to capture your pet’s personality and we’re more likely to capture great shots if we allow your pet to act naturally –  sessions are relaxed and fun for everyone.   


What if my dog needs to be on a leash?

No problem.  Safety is always the top priority and so my preference is generally that dogs remain on leash.  I also have a variety of leashes I bring with me to allow your dog to roam but not run away or get injured.  Most leashes can be removed during the post processing edits.

Can I bring my dog's favorite toy, treat, or blanket?

Please do!  It will add some fun and character to your dog’s images and help keep them interested and engaged with the camera.    I will bring some yummy treats to the session (let me know if your dog has any diet or ingredient restrictions).  If there is any kind of goodie that just drives your dog crazy feel free to bring a little baggie along.

What should my dog wear to the session?

Whatever your dog wants.  Some clients prefer to remove collars for their session, but others keep them on or bring a cute bow tie or favorite costume.  If your dog will be wearing a collar, just be sure that it’s one you’d like to see in your final images. 

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When do sessions take place?

When photographing outdoors, it’s important to consider the best natural light of the day.  Sessions typically take place early morning as the sun rises or early evening a few hours before the sun sets.  This is the best time to shoot outdoors because the sun is low in the sky which creates beautiful perfect light.  

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What if the weather doesn’t look good the day of the session?

We all know Texas weather can be unpredictable.  If Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate on the day of your session, we’ll reschedule for another day.  Your session fee deposit will simply be transferred to a new date.     

Do you photograph anything besides pets?

My sessions tend to focus on dogs but I love and welcome all animals, big or small.  Got a kitten, pig, sloth, call me I’m in!